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John has made a successful career as a film and television Gaffer, owns and operates a successful lighting rental house, and has worked directly with cinematographers to bring lighting to life beyond movie sets. He’s contributed to Award-winning television shows, Super Bowl commercials, and big-budget feature films. He brings his vast experience to Void Studios to help others bring their creative visions to light.


Jonathan has over 15 years of film industry experience and got his start in guerrilla-style film on the East Coast. He headed West and opened Wit Grip Inc., one of the leading grip companies in L.A., focusing on Major Motion Picture and commercial production. His passion for filmmaking has carried over into playing an active role in many key positions of the creative process. His entrepreneurship and love of creative arts led him to create a space for other filmmakers to make art in his favorite form of storytelling.

JOEY MORAN  |  Owner

With over 17 years in the film industry as a Lighting Technician, Director, Writer, and Producer, Joey is now the Owner and President of Harlan Lighting Inc., a lighting equipment rental company based in L.A. He’s serviced film and television productions from Paramount Studios, Netflix, HBO, AppleTV, Amazon Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and Disney, and now brings that expertise to his clients at Void Studios.


Glenn has more than 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry and all types of film, television, and commercial productions throughout the United States. Owner of Barnyard Lighting, a lighting equipment rental company, he’s been operating within the L.A. area for the last ten years, working on numerous big-budget feature films.

BEN BRADY  |  Owner

Ben has worked within the film production industry as a Camera Technician for various big-budget commercials, T.V. shows, feature films, and music videos for the last six years. He’s served as Cinematographer, Photographer, and Director of over a dozen commercials, music videos, and social content and has worked with advertising agencies like Leo Burnett Detroit, Publicis Lion Company, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Ben hails from a family of filmmakers, inventors, actors, producers, and directors, bringing a lifetime of working on and around the sets of Hollywood to clients at Void Studios.